| Experts Agree

Experts Agree

Robeez footwear stands up to expertsAPMA

Medical experts worldwide agree that barefoot is best, and soft, flexible-soled shoes are the next best choice, for both infants and children.

In fact, all Robeez Footwear carry the prestigious Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. The seal is awarded to products that promote natural foot function.

Protection without restriction

For protection against cold, damp or dangerous surfaces, Robeez footwear is the next best choice. There's Soft Soles - an ideal shoe for everyday indoor and light outdoor wear. And Mini Shoez - for a more stylish "real-shoe" look with a water-repellent sole for light outdoor use. All Robeez shoes offer superior protection without restricting their growing feet.

But hey, we've always known that. Now, the entire medical community - and you - know too.

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