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brand history
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brand history


It's 1994. Young mother Sandra Wilson decides to make a pair of brightly coloured soft leather shoes for her little boy, Robert. They turned out to be hugely popular with retailers and families. And so the Robeez brand was born!


Here at Robeez, our aim is to create soft shoes for babies to take them through the first years of their childhood, capturing those magical everyday moments.


Today, Robeez is the leading manufacturer of soft soles leather shoes for newborns and children up to the age of 4. The company markets its shoes in over 4,500 stores all over the world.

Its collection of over 70 designs today includes new product ranges such as fleece-lined ankle booties to keep little feet warm, or the vegetable-tanned leather range that was launched in 2018.


Our manufacturers are specially selected to craft our shoes with the utmost care. From recycled packaging to environmentally-friendly collections, we are continually seeking ways to improve our design and construction process to ensure a premium quality result.