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Soft slippers for boys.

Little boys need a gentle touch too. That’s why Robeez is there to guide you throughout their development, with its collection of soft soles and mini shoes that promote healthy foot growth, from birth to their first steps.

Discover our collections of boys’ soft sole leather shoes here, in pastel colours and featuring fun designs. Each season, Robeez presents a selection of soft soles with different themes. In blue, green, or red, decorated with koalas, shells, astronauts, or little Robeez, there are plain and patterned shoes to suit every little one’s taste!

In the first months, opt for a pair of newborn shoes with flexible soles, for a barefoot feel. Then move on to a pair designed for crawling or baby’s first steps, with a Mini-shoez or Mini-mestyle. As soft and comfortable as a pair of slippers, their boot shape and non-slip sole gently guide little boys to their first walking shoes.

Robeez presents its new range of eco-friendly soft soles, made from vegetable-tanned leather and featuring a plant-based crepe sole.

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