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All Robeez shoes carry the prestigious stamp of the American Federation of Chiropodists
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Robeez soft soles slippers meet specialist criteria

All health specialists agree that, after bare feet, shoes with soft and flexible soles are the best to ensure that babies' and little ones' feet can grow properly.

Since the brand's inception, all Robeez shoes have carried the prestigious stamp of the American Federation of Chiropodists, which guarantees all products that promote the natural development of the foot.

Soft soles slippers that protect the feet without impeding growth.

The suppler the shoes, the more beneficial they are. These benefits are just as advantageous for little ones learning to crawl as well as for when they are big enough to walk and run. Allowing them to walk in bare feet is obviously preferable, but this is not always practical.

As little feet need to be protected from the cold and dangerous surfaces, Robeez shoes are the best replacement for bare feet. Soft-soled Robeez shoes are ideal for toddling indoors and taking a few steps outdoors. More elegant and like 'real shoes', Mini-Shoez feature a durable, waterproof sole that is suitable for moderate outdoor use. All Robeez shoes effectively protect the feet without impeding their growth.

We have always known that. Actually health specialists (as well as parents) can confirm this.